Membership Benefits

As a member of the Glendale CSA, you have access to

All member communications
Free admission to May and August farm visits
Invitation to pre-season Meet ‘N’ Greet event (free)
Free admission to selected Garden of Eve courses
Discount at the Garden of Eve farmstand when you visit the farm
Discount on tickets to Just Food Conference (for five members)
Discount at signup for returning members

Does the CSA offer help?
The Glendale CSA is committed to making the CSA available to people regardless of income level. If you really want to join a CSA, the cost should not be the reason you do not do so. We try to help as much as we can.

A limited number of subsidized shares are available on a first-come basis for those who qualify. Please email or phone us for more information about subsidized shares.

The farm generously donates one vegetable share as a thank you for administering the CSA. This “free” share is donated back into the CSA to subsidize a few vegetable shares (usually 2 biweekly shares–depending on the needs of potential members). If you are on assistance, such as unemployment, social security, WIC, section-8 housing, or food stamps, or other compelling reasons, speak with us.

In addition, the CSA has a loan program. Our wonderful members donate money which is used to fund short-term, no-interest loans to members. The farm gets the money up front, members make payments through the season, and by the end of the season the funds are back for next season–that’s sustainability.

Can We Contribute?

Yes. Our CSA members have been very generous over the years, and contributions of any size are most welcome. A good time to give is at signup or on th first distro. Like the farm, we appreciate the money in the Spring so we can extend small loans to prospective members. These loans are paid back by the end of the season and then available again the next year. So your money helps over and over again. That’s sustainability.
Members also give throughout the season at distro, and that helps, too.
*Unfortunately, we are not a 501(c)3, so contributions are NOT tax deductible.

 Expectations: Among other things, a CSA is an alternative to what we have grown used to–such as supermarket food. The vegetables you get will come directly from the farm, and are fresh and wonderful–but they may look different from what you are used to. We hope that is OK; our members love it. The veggies have fascinating shapes, will not be “perfect”–who wants that?-and they will need washing. Since they are not full of chemicals, they may need to be eaten within the week, so a little attention is a good thing. They do not come wrapped in plastic, and you will select your items from open crates, which is fun. You will get the entire vegetable, not cutups. You will probably cook a little more, and at some point this new reality will become your norm. There’s nothing like veggies from the farm–and eggs, and fruit, and organically-grown flowers.