What if I can’t get to distribution?
If you can’t make it to distribution during the allotted time, just arrange to send a friend, family member or neighbor to pick up your share(s). All they will need to do is supply your name and say they are picking up for you. We will NOT be able to hold on to shares for anyone after the distribution time is done. At the end of distribution any remaining food will be donated to a neighborhood food program.

What if I forget to bring a bag?
We will try to have some plastic or paper bags on hand that you can take with you, but we can’t guarantee it, so please remember to bring your re-usable bags and containers to transport your food home.

Broccoli! My favorite! I can have extras, right?
Sorry, no switching, no extras. The farm provides only enough of each item to cover each member’s share, so please make sure not to take more than the amount listed.¬†However, there is a swap box, and you can use it to trade something in your share that you don’t like for something in the box that you like better. Put one in, take one out.

If there is something you absolutely cannot or will not eat, please keep in mind that you’re not obliged to take it. Instead, if you leave it, it will be donated to a neighborhood food program.

When is my work shift and what will I have to do?
Work shift schedules are prepared in the late Spring, just before the season starts. We take requests into account, but we need to have equal numbers on A and B weeks. Emails will go out prior to first distribution stating your workshift date. A reminder email will be sent to you a few days before your scheduled day to work.

On the day of your work shift please arrive at the distribution site at 7:15am. You should expect to stay until 10:45am. Tasks will involve (up to your degree of comfort ability) unloading the truck, setting up the tables and tent, greeting members, signing in members, restocking crates, etc. Please be sure to let us know if there is anything you are asked to do that you are not up for (for any reason) so we can make alternate arrangements.

What if I can’t make my work shift?
The work each member does for the CSA is essential to making the CSA run. If your schedule changes and you cannot do the work shift you signed up for, please contact other members or even a friend to arrange to have someone cover your shift. Please let us know who will be at distribution for you. If you cannot find someone, we will try to help arrange for someone to cover for you, but in the end it is your responsibility to find a replacement or exchange your workshift with another member. Please note that members who fail to do their work shift will be considered not in good standing and may not be allowed to sign up the following season.

I’d love to become a member, but it’s a little expensive for me. Are there any lower cost options?
A key part of Community Supported Agriculture is paying the farmers in the late winter/early spring when they can most use the money for the upcoming growing season. However, putting all the money up front can be a challenge and we and the farm recognize this.

Our partner farm, Garden of Eve, through its online signup system (Farmigo) provides the option of an an initial down payment followed by payments across several months through automatic deductions from your bank account.
The Glendale CSA is committed to making the CSA available to people regardless of income level. There is a limited amount of money in a scholarship fund for qualified applicants. In this program, the CSA gives qualified members short-term, no-interest loans that run past the beginning of the season. With this kind of loan, the farm gets the money up front and the loan payments go back into the revolving loan fund to be used the next year. Please email or phone us about availability. (Your confidentiality will be protected.)

The Glendale CSA also has a limited number of subsidized vegetable shares available on a first-come first-served basis to qualified applicants, with priority given to those receiving public assistance and/or living in public housing. Please email or phone us about availability.

Another option to consider would be to buy a half share rather than a full share, or go in with family friends or neighbors.