We have several ways to communicate with members and get feedback. We try to keep it simple while acknowledging that members have a variety of favorite channels for getting info.

The website is the mother ship. Information does not change very often. We hope we have included all you need to know for the season. Be sure to check the announcements on the Home page as well as the pages on the left margin. And, we provide Links of Interest to informative sites.

The weekly email to members and friends contains timely, but disposable, info for that particular week. It includes farm news, share items, topical items, as well as whether it is an A or B week. There are also sometimes attachments for flyers, community events, etc. Hard copies are available at distribution. The weekly email is the primary way we communicate news to all members.

Email us at info[at]glendalecsa[dot]org if you have questions, suggestions, comments, etc.

Call us at 646 820 5689 and leave a voicemail message with your number and a Core member will get back to you asap.

Everything else is “extra”:

The Glendale CSA blog contains some of the items in the weekly newsletter, as well as additional items that relate, sometimes directly other times more contextually. It is more like the features part of a newspaper than the news. The blog is the best record of the CSA season, and is like a ribbon that can be unrolled allowing all, including prospective members, to see what we did. And, it has pictures. (Members who want to write for, or post something to, the blog, please contact us and we will work with you).

Flickr is our repository site for photos–weekly share items, farm trips, distro pix–all arranged in sets for quick browsing. Here is where you can see what arrives each week from the farm, going back to 2010. We encourage members to send in their own photos so we can share the fun. Use this special address to send your photos:

Twitter keeps us all up to date with timely, high interest bursts and photos and it allows for responses.

The Facebook Group is the preferred means of communicating for some members. Join the Glendale Queens CSA Facebook group (but keep in mind that not all CSA members see what is there; you are not talking to the CSA group, you are addressing only those who joined the Fb group). Posts, photos and other features keep us connected–and members can respond. If you want us to post your photos into the albums on Facebook, send to our special email address:

Snail Mail, or USPS. We can always use this, as well as the telephone. Not everybody uses computers, nor do they have to, and we acknowledge that. Write to us if you have any comments, concerns or suggestions. Note: A new mailing address is forthcoming for 2014.

PRESS: The Glendale CSA has been the subject of many fine articles in our fine local papers. (A PRESS page is FORTHCOMING)

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